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CatGrab 1.4


"Some programmes may seem unremarkable at first glance, but in due course turn out to be an indispensible aid to everyday digital photography. [...] CatGrab [...] arranges folders and file names to form a solid basis for a logically organised collection for both 1x bet promocyjny photographers and image databases alike." (FOTO-HITS Software Extra Nr.1/2008)


Importing and automatically archiving digital photos


The fast and convincing solution to get better control over your photo collection

CatGrab is equipped with the most efficient tools to make your photo import more secure and professional.


Software handling has never been easier!

# Import photos with a single click

One click is all it takes with CatGrab to import files from your digital camera, automatically rotate them, sort them and open them in a viewer.

# Transparent file storage

Files are stored in a transparent directory structure. No database is needed to retrieve your images at a later date.

# Continuity

Catgrab is compatible with a wide range of software. The transparent basic file structure means that the user is not reliant on special photo management software, thereby optimizing continuity across different software solutions.

# Platform-independence

The software can be run on Mac, Windows and Linux. Continuity is guaranteed even if the operating system changes or you find yourself working on different systems simultaneously.

# Automatic renaming and archiving

Files are re-named by date and time and stored in appropriate directories on a biannual, quarterly or monthly basis.

# No duplicated files on your PC

Files are not duplicated on your PC, even when the file names have been changed. So images can stay on the camera 1x bet bonus od depozytu and will not be subsequently downloaded twice.

# Clarity

The one-click-system means that the software has only two command buttons. One for a quick settings menu with access to the user's manual, and the second for importing photos and films with a single click.